Instructions for Submission

A draft of your request will save automatically as you work on it. The requestor has the ability to save and return to the draft at any time prior to final submission. The requestor must complete the required fields and upload all documents prior to final submission.

Instructions to Collaborate on Your Request

If you would like to invite another person to collaborate on your submission, please click on the link in the upper right hand corner of the form titled 'Invite Collaborators.' You will have the opportunity to enter the collaborator's email and send a direct invitation for the submission. Please note: Collaborators will only have the ability to 'save a draft' of the submission with their contributions. Only the initiating submitter will be able to 'submit' the final request.  

If you have any issues submitting online, please contact NBME's Office of Research Strategy at for assistance.

A reminder for the timelines on NBME data requests. Please plan your research accordingly. We will not make exceptions to this process as there are process steps and resourcing which require a certain amount of time to execute.

Submission Deadline               Submissions Reviewed            Decisions Communicated 

January 1                                          January 1 - 30                              February 1 - 15 

March 1                                                March 1 - 31                                     April 1 - 15 

June 1                                                  June  1 - 30                                      July 1 - 15 

September 1                                    September 1 - 30                            October 1 - 15

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.