Current policy: In 2018 NBME adopted a policy regarding donations, Discretionary Charitable Giving Policy, which governs discretionary giving by the organization. Under the policy requests for discretionary giving are made to the Office of Public Engagement with written approval provided by the Senior Vice President of Operations and vetting of non-profit organizations to be completed by Office of Legal Services. Any charitable giving over $5,000 must be approved by the president.

Please budget about 2 weeks for the presentation and publication review process. We allow the VP & Programmatic Reviewer 1 week to review and approve the submission prior to it being assigned to a SVP Reviewer. The SVP Reviewer has 1 week to review and provide the final decision on the submission. 

If a time-sensitive decision is needed, please contact the Office of Research Strategy Staff immediately at so we may assist in expediting the process.

Collaborate on Your Submission!

If you wish to collaborate with others on this form, click on 'Invite Collaborators' on the top right of the form. You can then assign a collaborator via email invitation and work together in real-time or save a draft for later completion. If you are a Collaborator on this form, please click on Save Draft when you have finished entering responses. The initiating submitter will then be able to review and submit the form. At this time, only the initial submitter has the ability to submit the presentation or publication in the system for review & approval.